Post Brutal: Zombie Action RPG

About Post Brutal – Open World Survival Games Android Offline

Post Brutal is a free to play 3D action RPG for android experience that will put you inside the zombie destruction.

Enter the zone of City Zero and get together with other survivors struggling to survive in the repercussions of The Event, the tragedy that drove over half the city’s population into a Zombie world.

You can Give your character your own face in the game, You just need to go to the FaceRoom You can Record your own voice for in game conversation in Voice Room Fast speed, Best 2018 open world 3D RPG zombie action game

You have to Use Adrenaline Rush to slow time. Collect all the 28 weapons to be the amazing power in this survival game Use stealth to move unseen and elude your nemesis.

Discover what is happening in the wider city through emails and journals. Unravel the mystery behind The Event in this best open world zombie games for android.

Your actions decide the fate of other characters Multiple campaign story branches and endings. Complete objectives your own way.

Berserk assault, covert operations, or negotiation; it’s your choice. Renewable Contribute to the cause, gain experience, fill your pockets.

Complete over 60 achievements you can prove your skill and earn rewards. The best part is that it is Compatible with joypads.

Check out the screenshot and download the game for your android mobile.

Post Brutal Gameplay Screenshots

Post Brutal Gameplay Youtube

This open world zombie survival games android is made by Hell Tap. This open world android game is available on Play Store for free. You can download Post Brutal from our APK download link or from Play Store.

Follow the below links to download Post Brutal APK

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