Mini World – Block Art

About Mini World – Block Art – Open World Sandbox Game for Android

Mini World – Block Art is a game like Minecraft PE but free. This open world sandbox game has Minecraft like Survival and Creative mode.

In survival mode, you have to survive from anomalies like monsters, spiders and other deadly animals. Survival mode comes with no inventory. You have to collect blocks, woods, and other resources by yourself.

In creative mode, you are free to use your creativity and the monsters does not hurt you at all. Mini World Block Art offer you numerous resources to use for your creative projects.

Other than that, the Android open world online game allow you to download user created maps. You can find all the maps in Gallery section. You can install those to explore by yourself.
In Mini World – Block Art you have option to hire pet. You can play with your friend in multiplayer mode too.

Check out the screenshot and download the game for your android mobile.

Mini World – Block Art Gameplay Screenshots

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Mini World Block Art Gameplay Youtube

This open world games like Minecraft pe for android is made by Mini Clip. This open world android game is available on Play Store for free. You can download Mini World – Block Art from our APK download link or from Play Store.

Follow the below links to download Mini World Block Art

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