Month: November 2018

Just Survive Raft Survival Island Simulator

About Just Survive – Open World Survival Game for Android Just survive is a post-apocalyptic survival game for android to play on android device. A free to play shooting & surviving simulator offline game. Kill zombies, find food, build shelter & survive. One of the best open world zombies survival game for android. You are all alone against force of walking dead zombies and deadly a...[Read More]

Mini World – Block Art

About Mini World – Block Art – Open World Sandbox Game for Android Mini World – Block Art is a game like Minecraft PE but free. This open world sandbox game has Minecraft like Survival and Creative mode. In survival mode, you have to survive from anomalies like monsters, spiders and other deadly animals. Survival mode comes with no inventory. You have to collect blocks, woods, an...[Read More]

Dude Theft Wars Android : Download APK MOD DATA & Review

About this Open World Android Game Offline Dude Theft Wars is one of the closest GTA V Clone for android ever made. This game brings the GTA V fun but with toy stores, skateboard, destructible tress, and pixel graphics.This open world android game offline offers funny dude wars, extreme rampages, cool vehicles and arsenal of weapons. Other than that, you can explore vast island full of shops, vehi...[Read More]

Fury Roads Survivor

About Fury Roads Survivor – Open World Driving Game Android Rejoice the thrill of Mad Max fury road in this open world driving game. Fury Roads Survivor is an open world android driving game in which your only motive is to… Survive. In Fury Roads Survivor, you have multiple cars and gears to choose from. You will get a free vehicle once your collect 100 fuel cans. The gears are however...[Read More]

Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving

About Off The Road – Android Open World Racing Game Welcome to the huge world of Off the Road a huge open world driving game. This game does not features driving but also driving a speed boat and flying a helicopter too. Off the Road driving game as it name suggest, has a vast off road map to drive various vehicles. The map features the tropical island with lush green grass railing sandy roa...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Blades Android : Review, Beta, Release Date and FAQ

About this Android Open World RPG Game The Elder Scrolls Blades Android, the most awaited and anticipated game of 2018. Which is delayed to 2019 and still we don’t have any solid commitment from Bethesda. Remember the Skyrim? The game where you have spent countless hours exploring the world. Now, it is for your mobile now. The series which has the most popular open world RPG games will soon ...[Read More]

Clash of Crime : Mad San Andreas

About Clash of Crime – Android Open World Game Offline If you’re looking for something like GTA San Andreas. Clash of Crime is the one best open world games like gta 5 for android for you. Clash of crime brings large number of weapons, awesome cars, hot girls, shooting and car pursuits to your mobile. Clash of Crime combines a fun filled open world android gameplay with dark narrative ...[Read More]

Payback 2 – The Battle sandbox

About Payback 2 – Android Open World Multiplayer Game Payback 2 brings the fun of GTA V online to android gaming. It brings everything to your mobile phone including high speed cars, tank, helicopters, and gang battles. We have included this game in our list of top 10 open world games for android like gta. Payback 2 has enormous varieties of battle campaign ranging to over 50 fun filled game...[Read More]

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